Where Is Evil-ien
6 September 2012

Donnie D. and Evil-ien are addicted to Where's Waldo. The dancy duo spent hours finding the little traveler who -dressed in white/red sweater, hat and blue jeans- hides himself in the crowd of the new worlds he is visiting. Together with his girlfriends Wilma twinsister Wenda, dog Woof and his magician friend Wizard Whitebeard and there enemy Odlaw. Find a video here that is kind of funny as its a Bourne Identity spoof. Many people are addicted to finding Waldo (or Wally, like we call him in Europe). Evil-ien is sooo addicted that she hides herself, so Donnie needs to find her. Luckily for D. he finds her (she was behind a movie poster) right on time to see the new cool movie called Red Lights, featuring Sigourney Weaver (Alien(s), Avatar), Robert De Niro (Taxidriver, Met The Parents) and Cillian Murphy (Batman, Inception). Awesome movie!!!

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