If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much

Darker is a duo from Tilburg, The Netherlands, making EDM. The two started in 2009 as a creative outlet for their interest in making dance music together. Originally intended to be a one-man band, the both decided that two are more FUN than one on stage. So Darker became their way of partying out all their frustrations from going to school and work. And they like to give alot. Especially on stage! Darker are 1 laptop, 1 load of FX pedals, and 2 mics. Call their sound whatever you want: Partyrock, crunk rock, emo-rap, noisepop, crunkcore, Hippop, dance, beats. As long as you dance to their beats and jump around.

Darker is a mix of rock, electronics, hiphop, raps and beats. They already got compaired to artists like Ke$ha, 3OH!3, HyperCrush, BrokeNCYDE, Far East Movement, Afrojack, Dev, Tinie Tempah, Millionaires and even 2Unlimited. Pull your own conclusion: check it out and bounce baby bounce! Supporting Darker gets you into Heaven. Really! - no questions asked. KISS OFF and dance like a robot!

Out now: 'Darker Is The New Black' (2010), 'We’re Fuckin’ Serious' (2011)